Top Helmets In India under Rs 5000 – 2020

Riding a motorcycle gives riders a sense of freedom on the open road. However, there are serious dangers involved in riding without a helmet.

A motorcycle does not provide the structural protection that a car does to keep drivers safe in the event of an accident.

Motorcyclists need to take extra precautions to protect their body. The most important place to start is by protecting the head.

The head and brain is most vulnerable to injury in a motorcycle accident. Drivers and passengers wearing helmets increase their chance of survival significantly over non-helmet wearers.

It is important for motorcyclists to understand the risks of riding without a helmet.  Riders who do not wear helmets are at risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury if they are in an accident. Without protection, the head is vulnerable to a traumatic impact in an accident even when traveling at low speeds.

So it is important to choose the right helmet and make sure to wear it even if you’re going for a short ride. We have made a list of top 5 helmets under Rs. 5000/- that helps you choose between with their pros and cons.


Price : ₹4295

SMK Twister Logo Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet is the best helmet under ₹5000 because it is excellent in terms of build quality. The padding used is very comfortable & the fitting is just perfect.

Pros :

• This helmet has an aerodynamic external shell
• It has liners which are Hypoallergic and keeps cool and dry
• It has a scratch-resistant coating
• Bluetooth

Cons :

• The sizing can be an issue for some
• It is heavy for long rides

2. LS2 HELMETS – FF352

Price : ₹4750

The LS2 FF352 is a full-face helmet that weighs just 1350 grams. It is made using HPTT composite which allows it to be lightweight while being structurally strong. This helmet uses a single-shell design. The Mercury visor is ECE certified and composed of 3D Lexan. The quick-release system allows for easy mounting of the visor. It is treated with an anti-UV layer and is also highly resistant to scratches.

Pros :

• Lightweight and strong
• Visor with anti-UV and anti-scratch protection

Cons :

• No compatibility for attaching Bluetooth/intercom
• Design is not aerodynamic for high-speed riding


Price : ₹3239

Next in our list of the best helmets you can buy under 5000 is the RR3 Rage from AXOR. This helmet is certified by the DOT (Department of Transport) and ISI. This means that it meets the standards set for weight, quality, and protection as specified by these institutions. The helmet is primarily constructed of an ABS material that adds to its toughness and impact resistance. Despite being lightweight, it offers a high degree of protection to the wearer against impacts and damage. The inner linings in this helmet can be removed and washed as needed.

Pros :

• Lightweight and structurally strong
• Visor can be easily changed without tools

Cons :

• Not many options available with the visor, dark tinted by default
• Chin guard cannot be removed

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Price : ₹2039

Among the most popular helmets costing lesser than 5000 is the Steelbird R2K. The most unique feature of this helmet is that its visor is designed with a ‘dual-action’- making it suitable for use during the day and night. During the day in bright sunlight, you will be easily able to ride wearing this helmet as it reflects excess glare, while at night you get clear vision even during pitch black. Steelbird is among the most trusted and popular helmet manufacturers in India.

Pros :

• ISI marked high-quality product
• Comfortable to wear for extended periods

Cons :

• The visor may cause some glare from vehicle lights at night
• No dedicated area to connect Bluetooth/Intercom

5. THH Helmets: THH TS-43GP

Price : ₹4700

THH helmets are designed and produced by experts who have experience of many decades in helmet segment with the latest international fashion of the helmet industries. The products are designed using the latest 3d modelling and (FEA) finite element analysis to make sure that we are producing products which exceed the need of every customer’s requirement

Pros :

• Comes with dual-lens visor and sun visor or goggles with easy removal.
• They are available in seven color options.
• The retention system is equipped with a quick-release buckle closer

Cons :

• Helmets come with mercury visor, difficult while riding at night
• A bit heavy compared with other helmets at this price point

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