Bike Not Starting? Here Are 5-Places To Look Into!

It’s a bad feeling when you find your motorbike not starting, after you’ve planned for a peaceful trip. Most of the bikes during this pandemic has been laid without any care causing the bike trouble to start after being idle for so long. Here are some simple tips to revive your bike and have a happy ride.

1. Check For Weak / Dead Battery :

Battery is the lifeline of your bike, especially if you’re using modern bikes that comes only with electric start option. Only if the battery carries sufficient charge it would be able to start the motor that demands fairly high voltage from the battery. You can check the battery by pressing the horn or by turning the headlights on, if they are not functioning properly charge your battery and try starting.

2. Check If There is Enough Fuel :

When your fuel level goes down, it is very difficult to judge its availability using the gauge and that could also be a reason why your bike isn’t starting. If the gauge ain’t working just try shaking your bike gently just like in the 90s, if there is fuel left you can hear the slosh sound and yeah just check for other possibilities for not starting.

3. Check For Loose spark plug wire :

Loose spark plug wire is not a new thing for bikers, it can occur due to the jerks or even by a kid figuring out why there’s a wire going here . You don’t need any mechanic to fix this problem. Just unplug, blow if there is dust clogged and re-plug the connectors and try to start the motorcycle again.

4. Check For Blocks In Exhaust or Intake :

The block either in intake or in the exhaust troubles the bike to start, Sometimes animals or kids will clog the exhaust, make sure to check if there’s any stone or any foreign material in you exhaust, also check your air filter if it is clean.

5. Try Engaging Your Clutch :

Many bikes must have the clutch need to be pulled before they will start—even when you’re in neutral. There’s also the possibility that your bike’s clutch switch has damage, you can try “pumping” the clutch a few times to see if that helps reset it. If that didn’t help, you will need to fix your clutch or replace if needed. Do note that some bike needs to be put into neutral so that it can start.

Also look for for Loose Wires, Ensure the Fuel Valve is Set to On and the Side Stand is Up.

Tips to save your bike from such situations :

  • Don’t let your bike remain idle for a long time. Start and rev your bike twice or thrice a week or take it for a small spin
  • If you’ve planned to stop taking your bike for a while, make sure to keep your bike in a clean and closed space just that the bike is safe from moisture and dust
  • Invest in a good bike cover to protect your bike from all the outside conditions

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