Honda CBX The Classic Superbike

Hoping that we found a way to write fair and accurate about the Classic splendid looking Honda CBX, a motorcycle that has been taken to heart as a super classic bike by some of us. CBX was designed as the logical ultimate in the developmental line beginning with CB750, passing through Kawasaki Z1 and the Suzuki GS liter bikes. The essence of this development was to put ever-larger, more powerful and heavier air-cooled four-stroke engines into chassis of a 1960s technical level.

Whilst, we felt there was something exhilarating and exciting about the 6-cylinder CBX that was lacking in the 4-cylinder CB1000F. Something in the CBX that could not be measured in numbers like speed and weight, (something that) made it a very sexy machine.

Manufacturer : Honda
Production : 1978-1982
Class : Superbike
Engine : 1,047 cc, 24- Valve, twin-cam, air-cooled, Inline-6, 6 carburetor
Top speed : 225 kmph
Power : 105 hp
Torque : 85 Nm
Transmission : 5-speed
Fuel tank : 20 Litres

Honda had produced a Honda RC series six-cylinder race bike in the mid-1960s, but the CBX was Honda’s first production 6 cylinder road bike with this GP racing engine technology. The CBX’s advanced DOHC 24-Valve inline 6 cylinder engine was its outstanding feature. But in other aspects the bike was conventional, having telescopic forks, a tubular frame, twin rear shocks and straight handlebars. Although the bike looks bulky, it is only two inches wider than a CB750.

Sport Touring Model
In 1981, Honda repositioned the CBX into the sport touring category with the CBX-B, detuning the engine to 98 hp (73 kW) and adding Pro-Link monoshock rear suspension, air-adjustable 39 mm front forks, a fairing and panniers with a stronger frame to support these additions. The CBX was more appealing and aesthetic in terms the way it looked compared to it’s predecessors.

This Honda CBX was also famous for it’s custom made motorcycles by the proud owners of the bike, they converted it into hot looking cafe racers, race model bikes etc, Which got to be eye pleasing for most of it’s fans.

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