How To Choose The Right Tyre For Your Car

Tyre plays an major role determining the performance of the car. Tyre acts as a shoe for our car, so it is important to choose the right tyre which enhances the performance, handling, acceleration, steering, braking as well as safety. How to choose the right tyre? The below article will help you choose the right one.

1. Choosing The Right Size :

First thing to seek in choosing the right tyre is to find the right size, To know the right size, firstly it is necessary to understand the abbreviations printed on the tyres, for eg. 200/50 R 17, where 200 (mm) is the width of the tread on the tyre, while 50 per cent is the height of the sidewall represented as a percentage of the tread width, in which R is Radial construction and 17 is the rim diameter of the wheel on inches.

Wider tyres are only helpful when you drive a high-performance vehicle and take on corners at high speeds. It also offers better braking distances as compared to a regular one. On the other side it reduces the fuel-efficiency figures of the car. It is to be noted that the tyre must not touch the body in anyway. Further  Under acceptable safety norms, you can go for tyres which are about 3 per cent wider than the current one recommended by the auto manufacturer.

2. Choosing the Right Tread :

Tread is another factor to look into, as it grips the tyre with the roads. You must choose the right tread according to your requirement, depending on the car and the terrain you are planning to drive. You generally find three types of tread – Conventional, Uni-Directional and Asymmetric.

A conventional tread pattern allows you to mount it on the rim on either side and it can be run in either direction. The Uni-Directional tread comes with a dedicated marking which denotes rotating in a specific direction, such tyres usually feature ‘A’ or ‘V’ type pattern configuration are more effective in water channelling and controlling tyre noise. The Asymmetric pattern tyre has two sidewalls, facing outwards and inwards. This tyre is a good choice as it offers a combination of a good grip on wet surfaces as well as handling corners at high speed.

3. Choosing the right quality brand :

Although you have found the right size as well as the right tread, it is important to find the best brand for your car matching the quality standards. There are a whole lot of brands available in the market which turns out to be an issue as choosing from these brands will create a fuss.

So research before you choose the right tyre for your car. Make sure to check the date of manufacture, it is usually stamped with a four digit DOT code on its sidewall which denotes the week (first 2 digits) and year (last 2 digits) of manufacture. Tyres that have been lying in stock for over a year is not recommended. Ensure that you invest in a good set of tyres from a reputed manufacturer with clearly detailed terms for warranty.

A good tyre lasts for at least 5 years depending on your usage so plan accordingly and check your tyres regularly for a better drive experience.

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