Shyam Ganesh

Founder and Chief-Editor of MotoZag. He’s doing his bachelor’s degree in Coimbatore, India. His love for auto begun when he was five when they bought their Toyota Qualis back in 2005. He was also a furious collector of automobile pictures as well as posters during his childhood, that he cuts out from the magazines subscribed by his dad which turned out to be digital when he grew up. His love for auto is ample and would admire to drive anything basically. His favourite car is supposed to be Hummer, other than Automobile he’s a competitive bodybuilder and clicks magnificent pictures.

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Aswath Kumar

He is an Editor at Motozag. Aswath is pursuing his professional degree on Mechanical Engineering in Coimbatore, India. His hanker for automobile has been since childhood. His ability to analyse motorcycles has made him a visionary. His thirst to explore different things has helped him in gathering knowledge. One thing he could be crazy about is none other than Royal Enfield. He’s also an efficient photographer with great editing skills. Simply a techno wizard who loves traveling. Also the laziest of MotoZag and does the work on time somehow 😉

Find Aswath On Instagram : @iaswath

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