Nissan Z Proto revealed, gets Manual Transmission

Nissan introduced the Z proto concept, it’s production model expected to launch as 400Z in 2021

Z series :

In 1970, Nissan introduced the Z series with the 240Z which was a performance based car. Nissan continued with the Z series as it had a filthy performance. Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth generation of the Z series were 280ZX, 300ZX, 300ZX(second model) and 350Z respectively. In 2008, Nissan introduced the 370Z, It was discontinued in 2014. Since then we haven’t had a Z series in the line-up.

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Z proto concept :

Z proto design is very much based on the previous Z series models, the design is retro from the outside and modern inside the cabin. Headlights are inspired from 240Z and Taillight is inspired from 300ZX, the bright yellow paint based on the first generation Z series cars pays tribute, front has a squar-nose, and the roof goes with whole black colour. The 19-inch wheels and dual exhaust gives sporty finish. Overall the design is excellent and feels super cool.

Inside the car, almost the theme is maintained as black amalgamated with yellow accents. Seats are black and has a yellow border, 12-inch instrument cluster and feature loaded steering provides loads of controls to the driver. Touchscreen infortainment system runs based on Nissan’s latest software.

Z proto is powered by a twin-turbo V6 engine that produces 350+ horsepower and is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission, giving immense pleasure for the enthusiasts.

With the long rivalry Toyota Supra, Nissan may launch 400Z in 2021. Let’s wait for its launch and see whether it could compete the Toyota Supra!

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