Rajdoot GTS 175, Forgotten bike in India

Rajdoot GTS 175 has became an sensational bike when it was used by an Bollywood Actor Rishi Kapoor in a movie called ‘Bobby’. The Escorts group has to thank Rishi Kapoor for very important phase in their history.

In the early 1970s around the same time when Bollywood legend made his debut as a lead actor in Bobby. The humble Rajdoot GTS 175 was trying make a mark in the Indian 2-wheeler space. But what all marketing campaigns couldn’t achieve the film Bobby was able to do. Sales of the motorcycle went through the roof when the film released, and also got a new name – Bobby Rajdoot.

How Rajdoot GTS 175 Was Made?

Rajdoot GTS 175 . Image source _size_zero

Escorts had tied-up with Polish manufacturer SHL to sell bikes in India and the Bobby Rajdoot was one of the machine of their tie-up. The Engineers from Rajdoot held up for bringing a bike in the scooter segment and managed to make the Grand Tourismo Sports 175 or GTS 175. Ambitious in its nomenclature, the pocket-bike looked incredible. It came with a 173 cc Two Stroke air cooled engine that served in the Rajdoot 175.

Rajdoot GTS 175 Performance :

Rajdoot GTS 175 with it’s Spare wheel mounted on the side. Source : Team BHP

 The power was transmitted to the rear wheel through a 3-speed transmission. Although the bike has a large engine it didn’t produce much power, generating 9.1hp and 12.7Nm torque, gave the two- and-half-feet-tall bike a very lively performance. There was extensive use of chrome on the bike. Also it is to note that the bike had spare wheel mounted on it.

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