Tata Harrier Price, Variants, Specs and Gallery

The Harrier is Tata’s premium five-seat SUV. It is the first car from tata to be built on a Land Rover platform and is also unique, as large Tata SUVs go, for its front-wheel-drive layout and monocoque construction. Launched in 2019 in diesel-manual form only, the Harrier range has expanded with the introduction of a diesel-auto version. The Harrier’s 2.0-litre diesel engine produces 170hp.

Exterior :

Talking about exterior the new 17-inch alloy wheels gets an unique treatment, Tata has given the Harrier little tweaks here and there. There’s a rather intense shade of red on offer now that brings out the Harrier’s size, and a few tasteful dabs of chrome on the front and rear bumpers. Do note, though, that the chrome is an optional extra as an accessory pack. Owing to feedback from existing owners Tata has trimmed the size of the blindspot-causing outside rearview mirrors too.

Interior :

The biggest change is something you’d appreciate once you’re inside the cabin.  With the 2020 facelift, the Harrier now gets a full-size panoramic sunroof. Reserved for the top-spec XZ+ variant, this gigantic slab of glass also gets a nifty ‘rain-sensing close’ function. If you’ve left it open mistakenly while exiting the car, hitting lock on the remote key closes it. Also feels great with the premium leather seats inside the car.

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Performance :

While no one really wished for more oomph from the FCA-sourced 2.0-litre diesel, Tata’s gone ahead with it anyway. Torque output remains unchanged at 350Nm, but power has increased by 30bhp from 140 to 170bhp. Claimed efficiency for the manual takes a negligible hit (16.35kmpl vs 16.70kmpl of the BS4), whereas the automatic claims to deliver 14.63kmpl. 

Tata claims to have worked on lowering noise and vibration levels from the four-cylinder engine, and it seems like they’ve succeeded (at least in the former). But don’t go expecting a stark day and night difference here. The engine still gets vocal once you start pushing it past 3000rpm. Similarly, you’ll still feel mild vibrations on the steering wheel and gear lever right from idle. And unless you’re going full throttle in Sports mode from a standstill (that gets you enjoyable torque steer), the additional 30PS doesn’t make its presence felt immediately. This engine remains quite easy to use inside the city too.

Variants and price :

XE Manual – ₹ 16.47 lakh
XM Auto – ₹ 18.01 lakh
XT Manual – ₹ 19.52 lakh
XMA  Auto – ₹ 19.52 lakh
XZ Manual – ₹ 20.98 lakh
XZ Dual Tone Manual – ₹ 21.10 lakh
XZ Dark Edition – ₹ 21.22 lakh
XZ+ – ₹ 22.45 lakh
XZA – ₹ 22.51 lakh
XZ+ Dual Tone – ₹ 22.57 lakh
XZA Dual Tone – ₹ 22.63 lakh
XZ+ Dark Edition – ₹ 22.68 lakhs
XZA Dark Edition – ₹ 22.74 lakh
XZA+ – ₹ 23.91lakh
XZA+ Dual Tone – ₹ 24.09 lakh
XZA+ Dark Edition – ₹ 24.21 lakh

What we liked ?
• Great Performance
• Good Cabin Space

What could have been better ?
• No AWD option
• New features for top spec XZ+ Only

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