Tips To Improve Your Bikes Mileage

These days, with the increasing city traffic and fuel prices in the country, it has become hard to maintain the mileage of any bike. In the era where most of the bikes are getting powerful with lesser mileage it is important to keep your bike on check, so that you don’t spend that extra penny of yours. We’ve made few tips so that you can save a lot of money on your fuel expenses.

1. Get Your Bike Serviced regularly

Servicing your bike at the right intervals plays an important role in your bike’s mileage. Servicing not only improves engine health but also increases the life of your vehicle. As a result, the engine health and the mileage will always be great. Even if you happen to delay the service, make sure the engine oil is always checked.

2. Adjust Carburettor Settings

Even with timely service if you feel that the mileage is not improving, you need to get your bike’s carburetor settings checked. Electronically or manually re-tuning of the carburetor dramatically helps in restoring the engine performance. As a result, the mileage of the bike also increases.

3. Monitor Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is different for every bike. Make sure to check the tyre pressure before starting the vehicle everyday and fill air if needed which can also help in improving your mileage.

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4. Use Good Quality Fuel

Just like how you take care of your bike externally, it is important that you need to take care of your bike by filling the right quality of fuel. Stay away from misleading and false promising fuels and always choose good quality unleaded premium fuel for the best engine performance.

5. Avoid Rash Driving

Overlooking pot holes, racing within the city and sudden braking can be termed as rash riding.These are not only harmful to your bike but unsafe for you as well and is an serious offence according to law. Immediate acceleration as well as braking often will also deprive your bikes mileage badly make sure to avoid it.

Drive safe, Drive slow.

Because, It’s better to be Mr.Late than Mr.Never

6. Use the Kill Switch

Most traffic signals last longer than a minute. When you know that your vehicle will be idle for more than thirty seconds, use the kill switch or turn off the ignition. This saves both fuel and also reduces the pollution somehow.

7. Avoid Parking in the Sunlight

Just like humans, bikes doesn’t like to be in the sun for longer period of time. No, not because of body issues or something but in the long run sunlight causes evaporation of fuel and this, in turn will reduce the mileage! When you know that you will be out for a while, make sure to park your bike in the shade. This will help in improving your bikes mileage and protects your bikes plastic parts from getting brittle, your seat from cracking, and your gauges from fading.

Tip: If you can’t park your bike in a shade, get yourself a bike cover which atleast protects your bike from direct sunlight and from fading

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